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Thermal insulation glasseses


The thermal insulation glasses also called as the thermo float, are produced from the low emission, soft coating glass manufactured in the “off-line” process, what means that they feature a one-side (on the entire surface area) coating made of noble metal oxides. This film of metal is placed inside the glazed unit, so it cannot be damaged. The coating reflects the heat towards the inner parts of the premises. This glass is put as a set from the premises side.

ADVANTAGES of the thermal insulation glasses:

  • a cost reduction (decrease of heat losses even by 30% (in a comparison with an ordinary window), heat transfer coefficient U=1.0 W/(m2K),
  • comfort during the winter and summer season – the thermal insulation glasses of Effect glasses operate both in summer, and in winter. During the summer that limit heating of the inner space, and in winter they reduce the heat loss,
  • high trasmittance of daylight, neutral colours,
  • a reduction of the phenomenon of the vapour condensation as a result of the increase of the glass temperature,
  • protection of natural environment by lowering an emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere,
  • a reduction of ultraviolet radiation, health protection and a slowdown of the fading process of the floor, furniture, fabrics and carpets.


The contruction of the combination Gas Trasmittance of solar energy g [%] Light trasmittance Lt [%] Light reflection Lr [%] Heat transfer coefficient Ug [W/m2K]
4/16/4LE Argon 65 82 11 1,1
4/16/4GLE Argon 52 72 22 1,0
4/10/4LE Krypton 65 82 11 1,0
4LE/10/4/10/4LE Krypton 54 74 14 0,6
4GLE/12/4/12/4GLE Krypton 38 59 32 0,4
4LE/16/4/16/4LE Argon 54 74 14 0,6
4LE/18/4/18/4LE Argon 54 74 14 0,5
4GLE/16/4/16/4GLE Argon 38 59 32 0,5
6LE/16/6/16/6LE Argon 53 73 14 0,6
6LE/18/6/18/6LE Argon 53 73 14 0,5
6GLE/16/6/16/6GLE Argon 37 57 32 0,5