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Accessories for the glazed units


The internal bar spacers constitute the necessary element when producing the glazed units, which creates a distance between the glasses.
Effect glasses offers the following type of the bar spacers:

  • made from aluminum with a thickness of 6 – 24 mm,
  • made from galvanized steel with a thickness of 10 - 18 mm,
  • made from stainless steel with a thickness of 10 – 16 mm,
  • made from plastic, a so-called warm bar spacer with a thickness of 8 – 24 mm.

Standard thicknesses of the bar spacers: 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm and 18 mm.
Non-standard thicknesses of the bar spacers: 6 mm, 8 mm, 20 mm, 22 mm, 24 mm.

Using the low emission glass and filing the internal space with noble gas increases significantly the thermal insulating properties of the glazed unit, however its edges are separated from each other and joined with the materials featuring much higher thermal transmittance. In this way is developed a thermal bridge, which allows for an energy flow from the warm internal glass to the cold external glass, and as a consequence it may lead to a vapour condensation on the glass surface, especially in the premises with an excessive level of humidity. This solution of this rather common issue has become possible due to using the bar spacer.

Advanatages of the bar spacer:

  • good insulation properties
  • energy-efficiency
  • maximum coefficients of heat transmittance (passive constructions)
  • improved life cycle of the glazed unit.

The Effect glass company uses two types of the bar spacer:

The Swisspacer Advance bar spacer is characterised by high quality and an attractive price. The aluminium gas-proof barrier ensures an effective protection against the gas loss, and at the same time against moisture from outside. Due to these properties it improves the maximum life cycle of the Effector glazed unit and reduces the fixed heating costs.

The Swisspacer Ultimate – is the bar spacer of the latest generation distinguished by the lowest thermal transmittance. It is made from the material featuring the special properties and is improved by a thin layer of the high-tech film, which enables to eliminate permeating of the sealing gases and the vapour in 100%.
The ultramodern gas-proof barrier is equally effective in respect of eliminating the gases and vapour as the film layer made of such metals as aluminium or steel. It is perfect for the triple- and quadruple glazed units thanks to its rigid structure. Its semi-matt finishing neither reflects itself in the glasses nor destroys the pure glazing lines.

value window frame: Uf= 1,4 W/m2K 1,3 W/m2K
value glass Ug= 1,1 W/m2K 0,7 W/m2K
PSI coefficient [W/mK] 0,082 0,053 0,039 0,031 0,04 0,089 0,054 0,037 0,029 0,039
Glazed unit, Uw 1-leaf. [W/m2K] 1,40 1,32 1,29 1,27 1,29 1,10 1,02 0,97 0,95 1,0
Glazed unit, Uw 2-leaf. [W/m2K] 1,52 1,41 1,36 1,33 1,36 1,26 1,13 1,07 1,04 1,11
Minimum surface temperature * [°C] 4,1 7,3 8,9 9,7 8,6 6,0 9,6 11,2 12,1 11
value window frame: Uf= 1,2 W/m2K 1,2 W/m2K
value glass Ug= 1,1 W/m2K 0,7 W/m2K
PSI coefficient [W/mK] 0,076 0,051 0,039 0,032 0,04 0,078 0,050 0,037 0,030 0,038
Glazed unit, Uw 1-leaf. [W/m2K] 1,32 1,26 1,23 1,21 1,23 1,05 0,98 0,95 0,93 0,95
Glazed unit, Uw 2-leaf. [W/m2K] 1,42 1,33 1,28 1,26 1,29 1,19 1,08 1,04 1,01 1,0
Minimum surface temperature * [°C] 5,3 8,3 9,7 10,4 9,5 6,7 9,9 11,3 12,0 11
value window frame: Uf= 1,4 W/m2K 1,4 W/m2K
value glass Ug= 1,1 W/m2K 0,7 W/m2K
PSI coefficient [W/mK] 0,094 0,059 0,042 0,032 0,043 0,100 0,060 0,040 0,030 0,042
Glazed unit, Uw 1-leaf. [W/m2K] 1,43 1,34 1,30 1,28 1,3 1,17 1,08 1,03 1,00 1,0
Glazed unit, Uw 2-leaf. [W/m2K] 1,57 1,44 1,38 1,34 1,38 1,35 1,21 1,13 1,10 1,1
Minimum surface temperature * [°C] 2,2 6,1 7,9 8,8 7,7 4,4 8,6 10,5 11,3 10,4
value window frame: Uf= 1,6 W/m2K 1,4 W/m2K
value glass Ug= 1,1 W/m2K 0,7 W/m2K
PSI coefficient [W/mK] 0,110 0,068 0,047 0,036 0,049 0,120 0,064 0,042 0,031 0,044
Glazed unit, Uw 1-leaf. [W/m2K] 1,54 1,44 1,39 1,36 1,39 1,30 1,17 1,12 1,09 1,12
Glazed unit, Uw 2-leaf. [W/m2K] 1,72 1,56 1,49 1,45 1,5 1,53 1,32 1,25 1,21 1,25
Minimum surface temperature * [°C] 4,7 8,4 10,0 10,8 9,8 6,8 10,6 12,2 12,9 11,9

Muntin bars

What are the muntin bars?

Muntin bars are the strips that divide the surface for a few parts, used for the decorative purposes, the most often their colours are adopted to the glazed window colour scheme.

What are the types of the muntin bars?

The most often there are distinguished a few types of the muntin bars – the most popular are the simulated muntin bars, fixed (cutting or structural), glued-on muntin bars and opened muntin bars (frame).

There are available the muntin bars with a thickness between 8mm and 45mm in a very broad colour range: golden, white, a few shades of brown and the wood-like muntin bars.

Internal munitin bars

These are the muntin bars made from the decorative profiles, fixed to the internal spacers and found inside the glass set. They are used both in the wooden, as well as the PVC glazed units (this fixed unit element is made by the glazed unit supplier). They can be both the thin strips (8mm-the most often in golden) or wider strips. Their advantage is easiness of the glazed unit cleaning.

Simulated muntin bars
The glued-on muntin bars are an intermediate solution between the structural and internal muntin bars. Inside the glass unit is a so-called “blind muntin bar”, on which are glued with a special tape the 30 mm wooden strips from the external side on the both sides – the simulated muntin bars. So, the glass is divided for the small fields from its external part.
In the offer of the Effect glasses are the muntin bars featuring different widths, available in a wide colour range from the RAL colour scheme, veneered with the wood-like film and the simulated muntin bars.


Catalogue of the muntin bars