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Facade glass

The modern technologies used for the production of our glazed units guarantee a wide choice of the highest quality façade products.

The glass – offered for constructing the glass elevations may have the exposed edges therefore the sealant is then a structural element of the glazed façade. We intend the panes of the tempered glass for the glazed elevations made of the, inter alia, the colourless, low emission, solar control (reflexive, absorptive and selective) glass and laminated glass.

In the structural glazing technology, a silicone adhesive is a bond for combining the glass or the other elevation elements with the structure or substructure of the building. In this case function no mechanical connections, strips or profiles.

We distinguish the following types of the structural glazing:

  • a two-sided system, in which two sides of the elevation panel are glued, and the other are fixed in a mechanical manner,
  • a four-sided system, in which an elevation panel is fixed solely and exclusively by means of the structural adhesive,
  • bonded fixing systems, where the glass set is fixed directly by means of a bolt, which is glued directly to the glass,
  • fin glazing system – the glazed elevations are stiffened by the so-called glass fins fixed to the building structure, and the entire façade bonded to the fins using specific structural silicon sealants

The structural silicones used in the structural glazing meet the strict requirements related to the strength and durability, as well as resistance to UV radiation and the atmospheric conditions.